Monday, September 15, 2008

For the Record

I've been reading some of my posts lately and I just wanted to let my "world wide friends" know that I do think my children are smart. I might mention some of their not so glamorous stories, but at the end of the day I do think they are mucho inteligente (ignore the spelling, we all know that I don't really speak Spanish).

I guess I just don't find it as "therapeutic" to talk about how perfect they are and about how Kelly can count backwards blindfolded. But this does bring up a good question.

Do you think everyone thinks their child is a genius, or do you think the parents of the not so bright ones realize that their child will never be in the gifted program. (hmmm... Tommy is filling my shoe with cheerios as I type, maybe I'm the parent of the not so bright one).

Oh and on that note, Yesterday Adam decided to leave Tommy naked again (Surprise!). Tommy comes up and said he wet on the table in the basement. I looked at Adam, because It was not my idea to leave him naked and send him to the basement. Adam goes down to clean up the mess, and on his way back up he said, "That wasn't exactly what I was expecting" Adam comes up the stairs holding a little Dollhouse Table. Apparently Tommy's aim is getting better and he can now hit little targets like dollhouse furniture.

Like I said, my children are Super inteligente!


Amy R said...

Oh, I know. It's fun to laugh at our kids & their crazy antics. If we don't laugh we might cry...

The Pagets in Florida said...

when we were potty training Michael, we would put one square of toilet paper in the toilet and see if he could pee on it. My mom even made up a song. "tinkle tinkle in the pot, go and make a yellow spot."

The Divine Miss A said...

I had no doubt that your children are geniuses. That being said, though, I love to hear about their hilarious antics.

Later on their genius will be evident to the world, but for now, it's just fun to hear about the funny and outrageous stories you have to tell. These are the things I want to remember.

Rebecca said...

anyone who knows your kids know how mucho inteligente they are! it's just much more fun to write about the funny things they do or the cute things they do.

and i think when it comes to parenting there's lots of parents who recognize exactly where their kids are, and are honest about it, but according to all my teacher friends, there are also a lot of blind ones who think their kids are gifted, special, etc but are average. even demand special curriculum, etc until finally shown test results. so i'm guessing it all depends on the parent.

RitterB's said...

I can ALWAYS count on your post to make me laugh! And man did I need a good laugh!
From here on out I am going to call you Smartie Funny Pants... Or at least I will try to remember to... cuz I forget a lot!
I'm not sure if my parents thought I was ever super smart... they did however comment on my socialibilty... is that a word?!?!?

Emily said...

I, too, love hearing about the crazy acts of Whermeisters. I think it's probably best to tell our kids that they're perfect little smarties, and tell our friends about the nutty things they do around the house.

Both the crazy and the brilliant deserve recognition and should be recorded for our posterity.

Adam, Tommy needs to spend a little more time with clothes on, or Dallin is going to start referring to him "as the naked one."