Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I hope they always love each other

I think every parent wishes and hopes for this, but we also realize that life happens and siblings find out that they don't have to be "best friends", BUT until that day comes to the Wehrmeister household I am going to live in denial!
Yes, my girls are going to adore each other forever and if you think I'm living in a bubble then you would be right, but I'm okay with that. It's a big shiny bubble (tinted pink) and if you want to believe in fairy tales, prince charming, flowers that never wilt and sisters that never fight then you are more then welcome to come join me in my bubble. If you don't agree with me... then you can go ahead and press that red X in the right hand corner of your window.
If I could freeze time I would.

Here they go showing off their moves.

And we can't forget about Paige.


emily and adrian said...

I gave JuJu a choice between gymnastics and dance, and after seeing these pictures..I hope she chooses dance!
Oh and by the way...I should write a blog about you for sure...and how you never seem to notice that I'm a sucky visiting teacher...though I'm sure you were cursing me after neglecting to come see you for Christmas. I'm a LOSER Jen!!!

The Payson Olsen's said...

Oh my goodness, your girls are so beautiful, I can not believe Kelly is going to be 6, wow I still remember when our two little girls where babies and it felt like we were playing house and now look... Kelly is going to be six, and your a mom of 4 WOW you got the mother of the year in my eyes... Love ya and miss you all..