Friday, January 11, 2008

Preston is 3 months!

Time flies doesn't it? Preston is now 14 pounds and 24 inches long. His head is large, but not as large as his siblings. It was still impressive enough to get measured twice (although I assured the Dr, that the first number was right he insisted on rechecking it)

Preston has learned several new tricks (yes I do know he is not a pet). He cries when he needs to be fed (pretty impressive, I know) He cries when he needs a new diaper (He is so in touch with his needs) and lastly he cries when he is tired. I mean who could ask for a more talented child. He is definitely on the bright side, I can tell already!

Honestly, the first 2 months were hard, but this past month has been a big improvement. I am now cooking and cleaning again (Adam is enjoying this). I find myself making an effort to enjoy the little things that I know won't last forever.

Preston has been a blessing in our lives and we are very thankful that we have him in our family.

Preston today at his 3 month check-up.
These are just some pictures from today. That hat he has on was so big on him when he was born, and yes I still made him wear it when it was huge.

Sneezes are still cute at 3 months

ETA: Okay so I know I am totally on Preston Picture overload here, but here are a couple more from today and my mother will be upset if I don't put them on here.


The Pagets in Florida said...

He looks like he is "hungry, tired or poopy" in the sneezy picture. He could be 4 of the seven dwarfs with just on picture. Ok, I don't think poopy was a dwarf, but it would have been everyone's favorite if he was.

Berrett's said...

Hey woman...your boy is SOOOOO CUTE!!!! I know you know you have cute kids but I just had to say it!!! love ya!

The Divine Miss A said...

Cutest baby ever. (Tied of course with your other three.)