Thursday, January 31, 2008

Definition: Shout-Out

Random post real quick, but my mother makes me giggle sometimes. I called to tell her that I gave her a "shout-out" in my blog (I said it jokingly thinking that she knew what I was talking about. Sometimes when she thinks she's funny she says "Don't get jiggy on me" So I thought her homie-g-funks have been coming to her crib to teach her how to hang with the dawgs).

So then while I'm on the phone with her she gets on my blog and is silent. She finally says, "Jen what does a shout look like?" hmmm... never mind mom. I'll let Wikopedia handle this one.

Shout-out From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Shout out) A shout-out is a greeting or acknowledgment of a person, group, or organization of significance. It is often done as a sign of respect, synonymous with "giving props".

So there you go mom that is a shout out.


nonnie said...

I loved my shoutout ,almost as much as I LOVE you.

The Pagets in Florida said...

I fulfilled my part of the tag... just for you

Berrett's said...

HA HA ok I LOVE your stinkin guts...your entries make me laugh! That is pretty funny bout the shout out. Haven't heard from ya in a while...hope you are doing well!!