Monday, January 28, 2008

Why does Kelly Dance?? Just to look cute!

Yes, I understand how shallow that sounds and I hope you know that I am HALF joking. I want them to dance because they enjoy it and I think it is good experience for them. Oh and so they can be Rockin Dance Stars like their mother!

For Kelly's birthday my mother gave her this cute little white tie jacket that dancers wear to dance class. It has her name down the side. When she opened it she was super excited. (She had no idea what it was for, but she loved that it had her name on it.) Soo these pictures are for you Nonnie, Thanks

So the one thing I forgot to take a picture of was her sleeve where it says her name. Silly me.


Gram said...

Oh, I am really loving your blog! I have read all of them from the beginning. Love the pictures, too. I also love the piece of poetry and I also think poetry should rhyme. I read a quote by President Hinkley in the paper about how he would like to sit in a rocking chair and just read, but then he wouldn't be making a contribution. Love, Gram

aLi said...

I saw Kelly wearing that yesterday and it made me very envious!!! I want one!!! Sure, I'm old and 6 months pregnant, but I want one! It was sooo cute!

Eran and Aubre said...

Cute outfit!!! And gorgeous tree in the background. I wonder who's that is? LOL!!! Your sweet Kelly is so awesome and gorgeous!!! Thanks for the egg's btw! Your awesome