Sunday, January 20, 2008

My Husband Mocks Me

So I don't know when it really started (or how), but now at least once a day I will hear my husband say "Are you going to blog that?", and then he laughs at his super funny joke. Now you see I really don't blog that much, I mean look at my number of entries (not tons). I also don't post every picture I take (like he thinks I do), even when I am tempted to do some "My kids are so much cooler than your kids" posts (I mean my kids are still cooler, I'm just not going to blog about it everyday).

I guess what I really need to do is set up a survey to see if I am meeting the needs of my "readers" or bloggers I'm not really sure of the terminology in the blog world. I guess the other option would be for all of my friends (I do have hundreds) to go up to my husband and tell him that MY blog is the highlight of their day, or that they were going through a rough patch and after reading my blog the world seems new again. If you don't live in town you could always call or send an email that would work too. If you do opt for the email option I'm thinking you need to be even more dramatic, because he won't be able to see the tears that you would provide if you actually did it in person.

I bring this up, because last night we had some friends over and I broke out the camera and of course it was followed with the always funny "Are you blogging this?" comment. I told him no at the time, but now I am taking a stand! I don't really know what I'm standing for, but I am at least standing Proud! So Adam the answer is Yes, Yes I am blogging this!

So we played the "new" version of cranium (It's basically the same thing, just in a different box)

They are acting out juggling (in case you were confused)

Josh is actually enjoying himself, even though that does look like some wicked expression on his face.

Don't really know? Can't explain this one.

A close up of a Humdinger in action.

Let me explain, Kendra likes to "help" ALL of the teams. She is just naturally talented at guessing the answer and so she would just blurt it out (EVERYTIME). So I thought I should help.

This is just Dave and Adam, they are good friends so they hang out like this all the time. It wasn't part of the game.

Finally, Kendra doesn't know the answer. Oh Happy Day!

So there you have it! I blogged an event and I don't care. Take that Adam! (Don't worry I still love you)

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aLi said...

I am laughing right now as hard as I did last night! When I told Josh I was going to check my e-mail he started mocking me, too, razzing that I was going to go blogging. And, as I started to read your post I was giggling because I was going through the same thing as you (in a sort of different way). You made my day though, sniff sniff, when you posted pictures of us on here. I told Josh we made your blog and he got all giddy and excited, so it pretty much meant that I was forgiven for blogging. I love to read your blog, it totally made my week!
p.s. I love the pictures and captions, my favorite was when Kendra really didn't know the answer and she really was SO upset. A picture is worth a thousand words. Need I say more?