Monday, February 4, 2008

Matching Pajamas... Totally Cheesy!

I should probably have a disclaimer on my blog page that says "If you don't like matching outfits, cheesy smiles and lots of smushy sentimental moments Don't Enter" .

That's just Me. I buy my children matching outfits, I think Hallmark commercials deserve Oscar nominations, and my favorite line from a movie is "You had me at hello" (second would be "No one puts baby in the corner", from Dirty Dancing)

So here are some pictures from bedtime tonight. Adam was at urgent care with my Kelly (Strep Throat) and I was in charge of bedtime. Bedtime with mom tonight involved my boys in matching pajamas, pictures of course, and a few rounds of ring around the rosy.

Tommy is trying to show me his teeth. It's the only way to get him to smile. Okay... a little better, they sure are cute. And Tommy is done, luckily Preston wasn't pushed off the couch or anything. Here comes the Ring around the rosy And the All fall down Preston's eyes are so big, because Tommy just jumped over them. And of course Tommy wanted a turn to sit on Paige.

Hope you all weren't too incredibly bored with my pictures. All you non-related folk have to remember that the main purpose for my blog was to provide family members and far off loved ones with an overload of Wehrmeister Family Fun!


The Divine Miss A said...

Okay, super cute. Definitely tons of blog-viewing fun.

I miss the little monsters.

Kristy said...

Jen - your kids are adorable. I am sorry some of you are sick!!! I thought it was ironic that you put pictures up of your kids spinning and then landing on the floor - I just put pictures of your kids at my house spinning and ending up on the floor on my blog too!!!

aLi said...

I am a non-relative and I thought the pictures were cute. Don't worry, your kids ARE adorable! I understand your worries, though, I do the same thing.

Meg said...

yes, matching pajamas are cheesy. but they still look cute. So why am I not listed under your family and friends?

The Wehrmeister's said...

Do I have to let everyone know we are related?? Joking of course.

Berrett's said...

i love preston's doggy hat! I don't have to tell already know how cute I think your kids. :)