Thursday, February 7, 2008

Willpower Part 2

Don't think that I have solved my willpower problem, because I haven't in fact I don't think I want it to totally go away. However, I do want to be able to drive home from the gym without having that urge to stop and "Celebrate" my cardio success. Today was one of those days.

Honestly I wanted to celebrate the fact that I even made it to the Gym. I'm surprised I didn't stop on the way to work out buy a breakfast sandwich. I was strong though I made it to the gym Hurray!! The celebration came later though... (sorry to let my fan club down)

On the drive home from the gym we have about 4 obstacles. The first one comes up on your left about 300 feet after you leave the YMCA. It's a Sonic, I can usually withstand this one unless I need my "Breakfast Soda". The next one is Taco Bell, I don't even like Taco Bell, but for some reason a Celebration Meal tastes good no matter where you get it from. After Taco Bell you have KFC on the left and McD's on your right. KFC has never really gotten me, because I am a true Card Carrying member of the Laziness club and this KFC does not have a drive through.

So now that I've given you a layout of my drive home I will confess... Today it was Taco Bell. Like I previously said I don't even like Taco Bell, but on the way home I was like "I'll stop and get a pinto's and cheese" I remembered from Weight Watchers that a Pinto's and cheese is only 150 calories, so I thought I could get my "fix". But no I couldn't stop there. Today I went for the big one. It's pictured above. Once again I lost my battle. Better luck tomorrow.

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