Friday, February 15, 2008

Oh My Man!

So yesterday was the wonderful romanticful holiday that we call Valentine's Day. Some people are under the impression that it is a made up holiday, just to force people to buy things. It's kinda like an economic stimulus package all wrapped up into a day... or so they believe. Here is my Opinion if you care. (Which of course you do otherwise why would you still be reading)

WHO CARES?? That's right! That's my opinion. Who cares if it's a made up holiday for consumers. In my opinion if it is made to celebrate the ones you love than it can't be a bad thing. No one is forcing you to buy presents, or make something or go out to a fancy meal.

For example what did I get for Valentine's Day... A container of Baked Beans! Yep you heard right and do you think I'm offended. Nope I think it's hilarious. My husband handed them to me with a card and said, "Happy Valentines Day! It's the gift that keeps on giving"

You got to love that right?

In our house we have the family motto of "Family First", it's a pretty simple concept and it's really easy to say to our children when they are fighting (although it kind of seems to lose some of it's value when you are gritting your teeth and saying "Family (stinkin) First"! ).

So any day that is about putting your husband or children or grandchildren first is fine by me. And for all of you Valentine's Day Whiners out there. Get over it! Who cares if you didn't get what you wanted, it's not about you it's about them. If you got them something and celebrated Them, then you did your job and that really is all that matters.

Cause there is always next year!

So what did I do for him for Valentine's Day? While he was at his Wednesday night Stake meeting, I went up to the Dental School (while a neighbor watched the monsters) and decorated his rollable cart. Yes cheeso galore, but I think I did a cute job.

Who is that model in the pic?? Oh silly that's just me!

Yes Adam, You get this for eternity! How do you like that!!


Kim said...

Jen, you crack me up. I love these pictures. You haven't changed a bit since college:). Adam is a lucky man.

Aim said...

YOu are too funny! I miss our funny times. Glad you had a good V day. Thomas and I were low key, we had a romantic dinner I cooked at home. Yep-we're homebodies and love it.

The Pagets in Florida said...

I can only this is a rebuttal to mine V-day post. Beans do sound good though.

Eric & Jenny & Davis said...

Wow, that puts my little baby ruth heart to shame. Don't worry, next year you'll still deocrate me "under the table."

Anonymous said...

Jen,you never cease to amaze me!!!I love the cart!!!You are a decorating crazy girl!! What placement,what artistic glory!! you're the best.Above all ,stay happy and remember"family first"
LOve mom

Kristy said...

I love Adam's Present to you -- ha! I am going to do that next year! don't tell Tracy...

The 8's said...

Jen - You're way better than me. I gave Nate a CD (that he already had-OOPS!) The cart looks darling. I hope Adam was loved it!

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute Jenny. SO of all people you definitely should have a hooter hider! Your mom is the most amazing sewer ever AND I know she knows about them!!! What's up with that??

emily and adrian said...

Hey, thanks for spending your Valentines Day with therapy. You're better than all the shrinks I've seen thus far...and let me tell you, I've been through the system!
Now that's true love!

aLi said...

Ha ha ha, I loved those model pics!!! You are a classy girl.
I wish I could be more like you. By the way, I saw you walk by our window today and it just made my day better. Ok, it made the moment better. But, you are just such a "lifter-upper." Thanks for being so positive!

The Wehrmeister's said...

Thanks Ali,
I don't know how my walking made your day better. Was I doing my sexy walk? I mean that can get most people's attention.