Saturday, December 29, 2007

Anyone got a Penny?

Happy Anniversary to us! Today was our 7th anniversary. In case you were wondering what you were supposed to get us... Copper! Yep all you would have had to do is give us a shiny (or dull) penny and you could have called it a present. That doesn't happen often so I'm sorry that everyone lost that opportunity. So time to reminisce...
Since I (Jennifer) am the one who writes in our blog, I will make this an ode to Adam entry.
In fact, I have tried to write this several times, but I can not seem to put into words the way I feel about my husband. He has changed me for the better, he has given me 4 beautiful children and he has given me sweet dreams at night. He is more than I deserve and I do believe that this world is better because he is in it.

So before you think that I am exaggerating let me give you some examples:

  • I have received breakfast in bed since I had Preston.
  • He puts Kelly, Paige and Tommy to bed every night
  • He loads the dishwasher before going to bed
  • He helps get the kids ready for school in the morning.
  • he takes the trash out.
  • He still laughs at my jokes... yep it's true

So now you have it. Don't be jealous there is only one Adam and I snagged him 7 years ago.

Here we are in 2000 shortly after we were engaged.

Here we are in 2003, this was when Adam graduated BYU. Little did I know we had even more school to finish.

Here we are tonight. 7 years down. Many more to go.


Jennifer said...

Looks like you tracked me down! I enjoyed looking at your blog—looks like you guys are busy and happy. (And I’m impressed by how much Kelly and Paige look so much like Tracy and you.)

Oh, and happy anniversary (I might as well say that because I’m leaving a comment on your post about your anniversary.)

Jennifer E.

The Divine Miss A said...

I love the progression of pics. Happy anniversary! I hope you had fun.

aLi said...

Happy Belated Anniversary (and belated birthday, I might as well add)! I enjoyed looking at your blog, you crack me up. I think you should do Stand-up comedy. I would go to your show!
Yay for having blogs so I can see another side of you and your family I may not have seen as an old-fashioned neighbor.

mom said...

Happy Anniversary.Have I told you lately how much joy I get from the pictures you send me!!! I love the pure joy in your babies eyes.You are teaching them how to enjoy life.Keep up the good work!!I love you my baby Jen. Some day, some day Tommy will LOVE MMMMMeee too.

The Payson Olsen's said...

Happy Anniversary. Wow I forgot we share the same Anniversary.... Just kidding, it felt like for a long time we shared everything.... we were two peas in a pod, we got pregant the same time, our girls are only a couple of weeks apart, we both have 2 girls now, ( I STILL DONT HAVE ANY BOYS) you bet me on that one.... I sure miss you and love you... Take care!!!!!!!!!!!