Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Forgotten Birthdays Club

So yesterday was my birthday HOORAY!! I received wonderful things like a camcorder and Adobe Photoshop and my friend down the street made me a super cute bag. It really was a nice birthday (except that we drove across the state to get to STL.) So back to my topic of the day: If you are wondering why this entry is called the forgotten birthdays club, then you OBVIOUSLY were not born in the last 2 weeks of December. I mean I don't want to exclude the first 2 weeks, but I'm going to. Here are a list of things said often or happen to people in the "Forgotten Birthdays Club":
  • you hear "I was going to call, but I had so much going on with the Holidays"
  • you are asked "Is it okay if I combine your birthday present and your Christmas present"
  • you are given many Christmas Decorations as Birthday presents (can you say clearance)
  • you come to accept that you will not be having any "Birthday Celebrations" with your friends (because they are busy with the Holidays)
  • your friends say, "In case I forget, Happy Birthday" (usually said a couple days before your birthday)
  • you learn how much you appreciate those who do call... or send money

So if you are reading this thinking Jen's Having a pity party, you would be wrong. I have now had 27 birthdays to get used to this, and I have come to accept my circumstances. In fact that's why my friend and I have started the "Forgotten Birthdays" club (she will remain nameless, because she doesn't blog or read my blog). So on the 29th of this month my friend and I are going out to eat with our spouses to celebrate our Birthdays. It will be a joyous occasion filled with happiness, laughter and hopefully some birthday cake! (Which is one thing I didn't get this year).

Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday to all of you silent members of the Forgotten Birthdays Club.

ETA: This was not meant to give you a guilt trip, please no more comments apologizing I do realize many people get forgotten and I did get many phone calls from my friends. Don't take my post seriously.


Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

I can't believe people forget your birthday! That's so sad. I wonder how many people called you for your birthday. Reguardless, Happy Birthday Jenn!!

The Wehrmeister's said...

You make me giggle Lizzy. Not to brag (of course I'm bragging) I did get several phonecalls from my friends. One friend even called me at 9:30 at night...

The blog wasn't a poor me sorta thing, it was meant to celebrate the other silent members of the "Forgotten Birthdays Club"

The Wehrmeister's said...
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The Divine Miss A said...

You mean it was your birthday!?!?!

j/k--I wished you one the day of. Cause I love you bunches and would never forget.

The Payson Olsen's said...

I am soooooooo sorry, I guess I am one of those friends.... What a bad friend I am...... I AM SOOOOOO Sorry, I will make it up to you somehow..... I love you and miss you so much!!!! AGAIN I AM SOOOOOOO SORRY!!!!

B.J. & Candi said...

As always, Jen, you know I can appreciate your lament. Dec. 16th has always brought me plenty of Christmas cards with "Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday!" along with the present wrapped in Christmas paper. Even better, I've got my anniversary thrown in there as well (Don't you, too?). Gotta love that. I miss you, Jen. I hope you had a great birthday. Maybe one of these years I'll be there to help you celebrate

Chaela said...

Thanks for writing this.