Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Purpose of the Christmas Card

So I've been thinking about the reason for Christmas cards. I know that I love getting them and staring at the pictures and seeing how cute (or not so cute) the people look. Honestly I don't think it matters if I even know the people in the card. I just like looking at them.
So it brings me to my point (well not really). Do we really send out Christmas cards to keep people updated or do we do it to brag. Should we really call them "Look how great I can make my life look cards"... I know that when I write up our family letter this week. I will probably improve the truth a little by saying things like:
  • Paige is "Spirited" (that really means that she always wants her way)
  • Tommy is "adventurous" (which translates into he sticks many unknown objects up his nose to see how far they will go)
  • Kelly is growing into a "little lady" (that means that she now thinks she doesn't have to ask her parents before doing ANYTHING. Including drawing on furniture and taking mommy's makeup.
  • Preston keeps us on our toes: (obviously this means that since he keeps us on our toes we are not sleeping)

So now that I have confessed how not perfect my life is, I have to follow it with the obviously cheesy but true statement: I wouldn't change it.

Yes I know how corny and sappy that sounds, but it is the Christmas season and you do really sit back and think about the bigger picture. Life is not easy right now at the Wehrmeister House, but it is the one we signed up for and we take full responsibility for it and we wouldn't change it. Our children are not perfect, but we keep them around because they are our reminders.
  • They remind us that kids grow up too quickly and we can't keep waiting for them to "outgrow" a phase
  • They remind us that it is inappropriate to tell women that they "look like they have a baby in their tummy"
  • They remind us that there is something miraculous about a smile. Whether you are the giver or the reciever, it is undeniable the power that a smile has.
  • They remind us that there is something special about 3:30 in the morning. I still haven't figured out what it is yet, but I have a feeling that Preston is going to keep waking me up at that time until I get it.


Eran and Aubre said...

JEN! I'm your beloved neighbor, and i'm just now finding out that you have a blog? Oh my heck! J/k! You have such cute pictures on your blog. This post cracked me up, especially about Tommy sticking things up his nose. haha. Kids, they are crazy, but you gotta love them! Hey, thanks for you testimony on Sunday, it was SO wonderful! Hope you guys are doing good. =O)

B.J. & Candi said...

Jen, I just love you. Honestly, you have a way of saying things so perfectly and this little post is exactly what I needed to read tonight. Thank you, thank you. And a BIG thank you to our "spirited" daughters.

Berrett's said...

ha ha ha...ok funny lady. That entry was a hoot. Good work. Sure do miss ya! :)

emily and adrian said...

My sister in law's sister sends out honest Christmas newsletters. the last one went something like this: Suzie just finalized her divorce, from that jerk of a husband, Doug is still crazy and on drugs, etc...
It was so refreshing in a sad way.
I am going to start blogging the dirt and grime you know? No one wants to hear about how good things are! heehee
I LOVE your blog, truly!

Kristy Marchant said...

I love love love your blog! You are awesome jen! Merry Christmas!