Thursday, June 12, 2008

March 2004

So in March of 2004 Adam , me and the 2 monster girls (Kelly and Paige) went to a conferance for Adam. He was there for Chemical Engineering stuff, and I was there for rest and relaxation... or so I thought.

I remember when he left the hotel for his conference and I decided to take Kelly and Paige to the indoor pool by myself... I was so bad at it. I had a 5 month old and a 2 year old and I was trying to carry everything and get shoes on Kelly, keep Paige from crying, make sure I had the hotel key, keep ME from crying. I'm sure you get the picture. I was a wreck. I realized this wouldn't be restful, or relaxing or fun (for me).

Once we actually got to the pool it only got worse. Kelly didn't want to get her face wet, Paige wanted to drink the pool, I wanted to hide my tears in the pool, I had to take my glasses off and I couldn't see a thing. It lasted for what seemed for ever, but was probably only 30 minutes.

Then taking 2 wet cranky girls back up through the lobby to get to our room, was even worse than getting down there. I remember thinking "How does any mother go anywhere?"

Jump forward 4 years to Tuesday June 10th, 2008:

I took 4 children to a wading pool and fountain and had a picnic lunch (with friends). I went Solo. I had no husband with me. I did it and not only did I "survive" I succeeded. I enjoyed myself, my 4 children had a great time, there were no major outbursts, and no heart attacks on my part. I was a ROCKSTAR!! (I'm kidding of course)

But honestly, I remember sitting by the pool with Preston, thinking "Look how far I've come." It's not often I get to reflect on my growth in the midst of a challenge.

What's funny is ever since this past Tuesday, I've been thinking about my growth over the past few years. I've come a long way.

  • I remember when I just had Kelly and I would get so stressed I would call Adam while he was at School and tell him that I quit, that it was his turn to stay with Kelly and that I would go do his Chemical Engineering classes.

  • I remember moving into our house when I was 9 months pregnant with Paige and having a nervous breakdown, because we couldn't fit our basement couch in the basement, so the MEN decided that my livingroom should be in the basement.

  • I think back to all my trips to STL alone. The stopping at rest-stops to nurse Tommy and then running into the bathroom with 3 children attatched. Throwing snacks to the back of the mini-van so that I wouldn't have to stop the car.

  • Moving away from my support system when my 3rd monster was just one month old. I had no clue how anyone managed without a family as supportive as mine.

  • Surviving Adam's first 2 years of Dental School. He would leave soo early in the morning and Saturdays were dedicated to his studies.

Now I know that I have a lonnnng way to go, but I don't think "we" focus enough on our growth and strengths enough. I think "we" are far to eager to find our shortcomings and flaws.

I know that on that day back in March 2004 I thought I was the most fumbling, unimpressive mom out there.

I now know that while I'm no Mary Poppins, Super Nanny or Ronnie Autry, I'm not half bad and I'm all they've got so I better not let them down.


Sam Ransom said...

YOU GO!!!!!! That is awesome!

Holly said...

I had the kinda the same thing happen. I remember just having Julie at 2 years old and going to a movie..a KIDS movie, and barely surviving it. Today I took all 3 kids and managed to also have a good time. I think the key is expectations. I was totally prepared in case it was a failure (the movie was free, anyway) so when things went more smoothly than expected I was ecstatic!

RitterB's said...

Life does get easier doesnt it! I just love the "stage" we are in right now! I look back at the 3 kids under 3 stage and wonder how in the world I made it though! Life is so great isnt it! You are a rockstar!

Emily said...

What a fantastic thing to celebrate! I also sat pool-side on Tuesday and wondered at the beauty of that day. Somehow the kids played wonderfully, no one tried drowning, the weather was perfect, and we even managed to leave with out the usual crying because it's time to go. I have spent the remainder of this week longing for more days like that.

You really have accomplished something. You're such a fun mom, and I hope that you can teach me some of your secrets. You make it look so easy. I so value your friendship, your example, and especially your words of counsel recently.

Thanks and congrats on your progress!

aLi said...

Jen, I look forward to having your kind of progress- I am in the middle of learning still! Do you have any tips?

Aim said...

You are definitely super mom in my book!!!! I can't wait to get to your stage in life and feel like I can go to the pool with my kids. I get nervous just going with Christian, it scares me! I hope to get there someday. You are telling me that it can be done and have given me hope!

elizabeth said...

Way to go Jen. I think that you've probably gotten a little more patient over the years. And to think of how I haven't even gotten started. I'll call you crying on my way back from the pool.

KC Kanenwishers said... are entering a new "season". I love changes in the seasons, don't you? I really enjoyed having 4-13 year old kids. I could get around, have a little freedom and yet they still played and were fun. You have survived and you did it with a great sense of humor.

Go-Church' said...

Amen to everything already said. You really are a rockstar. We really did have a great time at the pool and your kids were great! Like I said before, lets make it a weekly thing!! You have got to be the funnest mom around.

Eran and Aubre said...

Jen, YOUR SO AWESOME!! I love reading your posts, they lift me up every time I sit down to check out your blog. Its amazing how kids do change you in sooooooooooooo many ways, and they make you grow like nothing else! Your an awesome mom Jen, and it was fun seeing you at park day! Thank you for your uplifting, inspiring posts! =O)