Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Sappy Post of the Week... I Promise

So I know I have already filled my sappy post quota, but I felt that it was necessary to add one more. I know that I talked about my wonderful hubby, but I don't want anyone to think that I have forgotten my Daddy.
I've actually been trying to find the right way to describe my feelings for him, but it'a quite hard. It's not something I talk about often, it's just always been one of those "understood" relationships.
I have always known that he would be there for me. Always always always. He is not one that cries much or has those "sentimental talks", but you know that he's got your back.

He's like the owner of the baseball team. You know how you always see the manager out on the field giving their advice and telling the players what they should be doing... That position goes to my mother.

But the owner, now he sits up in the box and watches. This is his baseball team, he has everything invested in this team yet he sits and watches. Sure he send messages down when necessary, but he knows that the "Team" is in good hands. He knows he has already done everything he could to set them up for Success. My Dad is the owner. All of my Dad's decisions in life have been to help improve the "team" (meaning me and my sisters).

I still remember when my Dad lost his job when I was in High School. He was strong and solid. He might have been torn up on the inside, but he was my Hero. I needed to know that everything was going to be okay and his example was strong and clear.

I could go on and on about him, but that's not the type of guy he is. If he reads this, he will be sitting there getting red in the face thinking "I can't believe she's saying this". That's part of what makes him special.

Dad, Thank you for being an example of strength and love.

Happy Father's Day.

This is the same Dad I grew up with. He would roll around and play with us, just like he does with my kids. He just gets up a little slower now.
He also has the same talent as Adam. Maybe someday we should have a contest to see who can fall asleep quicker.


The Divine Miss A said...

I love the post and the pictures. If only you could have posted the "surprise!" pictures with dad and the hamper top. That's one of my favorites.

larry.autry said...

I usually catch up with Jens' blog more often. Sorry I didn't read this sooner. (blush) BTW, I like the hamper top picture, too. I love you, Jen, Miss A.