Monday, June 2, 2008

How many eyebrows do you have?

With Summer approaching, My hair needs a change
I can't reach my hairdresser... which seems kind of strange

I've called her by phone and by email
But all of this to no avail

So yesterday I picked up my tweezers.
I plucked and plucked, then yelled, "OH JEEZERS!"

I looked in the Mirror, Oh what did I do!
My one eyebrow now looks like two.


RitterB's said...

I knew I had not had my good chuckle today until I saw this picture and read this poem! No need to fear I think we all have had a reckless, unruly tweezer attack! Nothing a good ol eyebrow pencil for a few weeks cant handle! Thanks for the chuckle! I just love how crazy real you are! Just what I need in a friend!

Meg said...

That is hilarious! Good thing eyebrows grow back. Does your hairdresser do eyebrows too? I sure hope you weren't trying to cut your hair after that.

Nonnie said...

two words "eyebrow pencil" I love you. You could be a Dr. Suess with
your rhymes.

The Pagets in Florida said...

Isn't there some rapper who is doing that? I heard it is also associated with a gangs. So, gang activity after eating with an apostle. I am shocked.

Sarah said...

I'm really enjoying your blog here! You are just as funny as ever! Thanks for the note on my blog. That is really cool that Michelle is moving to coralville. I'm beginning to think that it is the new gathering place- when I moved in, there were so many people that I knew from random places! Good to hear from you!

Sam Ransom said...

Oh you are too cute!! Thank goodness hair grows back. Yeah some things are just better left to the professionals!!

aLi said...


I didn't realize it was a poem until the last line and I thought, "huh, this sounds like Dr. Seuss."

Too bad you sound like Dr. Seuss because of an unfortunate mishap.

It will grow back, Jen. Don't worry, I learned that lesson when I was 13 and plucked until all I had was an empty forehead.
On the outside, not the inside.

emily and adrian said...

Once in high school I used duck tape to "wax." I've been growing them back ever since. Don't feel bad...just fill em in. You are too funny Jen....we all love you for this!

Anonymous said...

And the worst part is that is a lot of pain for a failed job! I'm sorry about that Jen.