Sunday, May 24, 2009

This is just a test...

So today at church someone asked us if we had an Emergancy plan. I didn't think I did BUT If I would of just flashed back a couple of hours I might of seen things differently.

******FLASHBACK NOISES********
So this morning my husband wakes up and looks at the clock and says "Jen, it's already 7:45". We have 9am church now that we've moved, so that meant exactly 45 minutes to get 4 children awake, fed, dressed, hair fixed, attatched in the car and leaving the house around 8:30.

Oh and I forgot that I hadn't unpacked ANY of my church clothes (maybe it was a sign I should have just rolled over in bed, instead of getting up.)

So anyone that knows me, knows that the only thing I hate more than Email Forwards, and the sound of popsicles and ice is BEING LATE. I HATE BEING LATE. I don't like when others are late, (and yes if you are late often I am judging you, I know it's wrong and I'm not supposed to, but I'm also suppose to be honest, so I'm going to stick with honesty right now and work on the judging part later)

When I think I'm going to be late, I get into panic mode that involves angermanagment issues and lots of bad feelings spewing from my body.( I'm not too good at being late, I should probably go to therapy.)
BUT this morning I Succeded, even when faced with the likleyhood of being late, I kept my cool and went into combat mode. Adam got the children fed (even if it was dry cereal they were eating out of a baggy), I located all missing church clothes and started getting the monsters dressed. We let Tommy sleep until 8:20 and then we threw some clothes on him, told him not to wet himself and sprayed water all over his hair to keep it from standing up. I forgot to put on make-up, and eat breakfast, but at least I kept my cool and we were all in the car by 8:35.
I felt on top of the world. I was quite impressed by our moves. I was not going to be late, our first day at our new Ward. We pulled up to the building and we noticed that there were only 3 cars on this side of the parking lot. We thought hmmm everyone is on the other side. Adam parked and I grabbed Larry, Moe, and Curly and started to go inside, while Adam got Preston out of the car.

Once I was inside... I looked at the clock. APPARENTLY we don't know how to tell time. We weren't there 10 minutes early. We were there an HOUR and 10 minutes early.

We walked back to the car and just laughed. It was funny. And luckily since I didn't freak out with my anger issues, I could laugh too.

Lessons Learned:
  • Adam and I need to learn to tell time
  • If there was ever a major emergency, I could have all of my children dressed, fed and ready to evacuate within 45 minutes.


Aby Runyan said...

I'm sure you LOVED it when I showed up to bring Capri for a playdate, was it, at least 45 minutes late? Maybe more!
Well just deal.
I can say that cause we all know how wonderfully "blunt" Aby Runyan is and we all love to tell her this ALL the time.

Glad to hear a little tiny bit about your new surroundings, and I mean a TINY bit. Where's like, say a PICTURE of your new house?
Just a suggestion.

We MISS you in the primary. Who will march when we sing Called to Serve? WHO???

luvs, aby

The Pagets in Florida said...

That is great. I wish I could say I haven't been there before. At least you were an hour and 10 monutes early instead of 50 minutes late.

I hope that everything else for the house is going well. You really let them know that you meant to be ontime at getting to church at least.

Amy R said...

Oh, SO funny! Well done, in any case. OH, and, just for the record, I also HATE being late & I am definitely at my worst when we are running late. Especially when nobody else cares that we are late. Which is usually the case.

Heidi said...

I love that you hate being late. I am that way--and I have this weird ability that even it seems like we will be late somewhere---we're not, we're early. It's weird.

RitterB's said...

WOW... it a good thing Adam is a Dentist and not a clock maker!

Sam Ransom said...

You can judge me- it's okay. I'm totally impressed by how fast you made it. But I would never last without breakfast!

Kara said...


Nonnie said...

Yeah, I hate to be late too!!

emily and adrian said...

aw jen...the frost fam was always late to church. i feel so JUDGED!!!!
glad you are settled in. everyone misses you!