Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sorry I'm away from my desk right now...

Just so you know, I have not forgotten about you, my faithful followers of my blog (all 7 of you).

Right now I am in "Heaven". I have had an amazing Christmas and New Years, with and have been smooshed with as much love and presents as I can stand. (also snotty noses, fevers, coughs, chills, fighting, laughing, crying, tickling, whining, parties, cartwheels... you name it)

My kids are out of school till Jan. 5th. When they go back, I expect that I will do all the proper updates then.

  • Christmas
  • Anniversary
  • New Years
  • Sicknesses
  • blah blah blah
  • rants
  • blessings

Basically it will be back to our regularly scheduled program.
But for now I am enjoying having my Monsters loving the heck out of me.


The Pagets in Florida said...


Meg said...

Looks like a fun party. Maybe I'll invite all girls to phenix's party. Pink is no longer his favorite color though. Speaking of birthdays, I just got your birthday reminder today, since now I am able to catch up on blogs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I know I'm lame. I actually remembered a couple days ago but then thought that would be more lame if I called so late, so I decided to be lame on your blog instead. But I think since I got you such a cool Christmas gift that should make up for it, right? I'm so your favorite sister-in-law! Although it doesn't say that on your blog anymore...