Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Today I am being lazy. I have dishes in the sink, food on the floor, laundry to fold, laundry to start, TONS of toys to clean up, and absolutely no desire to do any of it.

On a happier note. We have a NEW TOILET upstairs!!! Yeah for us!!

On a not happy note. Preston put something down our old toilet, and Mr. Fix-it (Adam) broke the toilet, which is why we needed a new toilet in the first place.
Do not worry though, Mr. Fix-it AND the baby survived (barely).

So yesterday I did alot of cleaning with pinesol and bleach. AND I still had time to watch the Bachelor, now that was a productive day!


Amy R said...

You're describing most of my days anymore. Lazy. Congrats on the new toilet.

Kim said...

Um, your house sounds just like my house:).

Rappleye said...

Wow! Be glad you got one so fast. When Mr Fix It at our house broke the toilet he was trying to fix it took a year to get a new one!

Amy said...

I'm sad I missed watching the Bachelor with you! I am a crazy fan so we need to watch it together sometime!

The Pagets in Florida said...

At least you probably got a more efficient toilet there. That makes life easier and nicer too.

Sam Ransom said...

Oh a fellow Bachelor fan! I am a little behind. I have it on my DVR though so no worries I will catch up! I am thinking about doing a finale party- would you come?

elizabeth said...

As long as you watched The Bachelor, your day was a success!! Can you believe that Erica? RUDE! Although, we have already discussed this.

The Martineaus said...

Jen, you're so funny. Congrat's on the new toilet! Isn't it great to have a fix-it-man around when ya need one?

Thanks for the comment on my new blog, by the way.



Christine said...

I. love. you. Jen--I'm still laughing (out loud mind you) over your "one week till my birthday post". Hilarious! So. . . here is my one-month-late Best Birthday Wishes! (2 days early). Tee hee

Also, amen on the "next baby" post. Excellent wisdom girl. I agree.