Friday, January 2, 2009

Paige's Birthday over 2 months Late

So I know that this makes me the worst mom ever, but don't think I don't love the girl. Her birthday was fabulous of course. Nonnie and Poppy made the journey across the state of Missouri to see their sweet little girl.

This year Paige Monster decided she wanted her first all girl princess party. It was fabulous. She had all the neighborhood girls over and they all practiced their high pitch annoyingly loud and shrieky scream. I would say lets DANCE!! Then they would all jump up and down and start screaming. Then I would start laughing, they would respond by screaming more. My mother would start laughing, then they would scream more.

I kept worrying about my poor neighbors. Not the Barnharts, (their kids were at the party, so I knew they knew what was going on) it was the sweet couple with no children on the other side. They probably thought I was some sort of child abuser, corralling children in my basement making them sew clothes to sell on ebay.
After we danced, we did a pinata, then we did more screaming, then we played pass the crown, then they screamed more, then they ate and screamed (are we starting to see a pattern). So it was fantastic. My sweet daughter had a fabulous time and all of the children left filled with candy and cake. You can't get better than that for a 5 year old's birthday party.

Believe it or not this is a smaller crowd than last year. 2007's Party was out of control, so we made it a girl only party this year. It was much better this way. It also helped that I didn't have a 10 day old baby, and recovering from a c-section.

Let's not EVER do that again. This year was nice (besides the loud pitch screaming from little girls)
Paige is probably my most thoughtful child. (As in her wheels are always turning) I'm sure when I said make a wish, she thought long and hard about what that wish would be. In fact if it doesn't happen I'm sure she will tell me that wishes don't work, and she's not going to try it again. The things that Paige wanted this year for her birthday were all "Diamond Castle Barbie Princess" So we went with it. I got her Diamond Castle Barbie, and the dress, and Melanie got her the DVD. She was in DCB Heaven. At our house the kids get to open a couple of presents the morning of their birthday. Oh they look sweet and innocent don't they... I can't believe she is 5. I took her to her well check/immuniztion appointment. She was SO excited to get shots. She told everyone that would listen, that she was going to the doctor to get 4 shots, and that they were going to give her a bandaid.

Here is the cake. It looks prettier in the dark, I promise.


The Pagets in Florida said...

You have made me SO glad that we have boys. I have pictures of my older sister's Wonder Woman underwear party. Similar idea. I draw the line at a boxer or breifs party.

This Is Our Heaven.... said...

I just now saw those pictures!! Lol....CUTE!! It looks like they had so much fun!! Thanks again for inviting them over, they had such a blast =O)