Friday, March 18, 2011

Wehrmeister Girls take Chicago!

At the beginning of March I went on my first girls weekend!! (with my daughters). We did bring along the Nonnie, because she's always up for a good time. We drove out to Chicago to meet up with some good friends of ours. The Binns Girls (and James)
So on Friday morning, Kelly, Paige, Laney, Nonnie and I loaded up the Suburban and started on our drive. Besides Ms. Laneybird losing her lunch at the first rest stop, the drive went smoothly. There is nothing like singing along to Summer Magic (the Disney Movie) with my little girl monsters.
There was one stop before the hotel and that was IKEA. Adam says I'm good at spending a lot of money on nothing there. In past trips I have come back with $75.00 worth of odds and ends that don't really do much so I made an effort not to by the small stuff. Instead I went for a dresser! Hey what good is a Suburban if you aren't going to use it.

Well I will say that our trip to American Girl was magical. The girls were in heaven. Kelly was happy because she had her BFF Lindsay with her, and Paige just had those stars in her eyes that you usually only see on Christmas. She mentioned that this was more fun than Disney World.

We went for the whole American Girl experience. So we helped open the store at 8am by having Kelly and Lindsay go to a "How to Do your Doll's Hair" class. Then they got the dolls ears pierced, then we wondered the 2 levels of pure girl fun. Around 11 we went to our American Girl Lunch. The other Jen on the trip had arranged for them to celebrate all 3 of their birthday's. So they made the girls a cake, and had presents for them. Even the dolls had Birthday hats. It was probably their best unbirthday ever!

We finally checked out with all our American Girl Doll bling in the afternoon and walked back to our hotel. I had an American Girl Doll hangover, but besides that the weekend was amazing.

I missed my boys, but I really wish I could have videotaped their weekend. From what I got out of my 5 year old boy their was a bunch of movies, wii, eating out and plants vs zombies. (sounds like they were really living it up)

This is the Hair Class. Hopefully Samantha's hair will benefit from this.

There was some bed jumping that went on...

And some sister bonding.

Then there was some more bed jumping, and some synchronized bed jumping. Nonnie brought the bag of fun! Which included coloring books, snacks and a brand new game to play.
This is about the time when we perfected the bed jumping.
Kelly modeling her new matching pajamas and her doll holder. Paige's doll has a new yoga outfit for all those complicated yoga moves that Kit does.
Here they are bringing out the birthday cake. They also sang to the girls. They thought it was funny since it wasn't really their birthday.
And what cake wouldn't be complete without blowing out the candles.
All cake is cut and served along with ice cream in an adorable glass cone.
The un Birthday girls!
All the dolls got their own seats too.
Kelly and Samantha.
Laneybird didn't bring along her doll. Hers is locked up in the box until she turns 7.
Paige and Kit.
Kelly and Linds, they were so happy to see each other. Kelly has missed her so much and has been looking forward to this weekend for a long time.
Kelly learning how to correctly take care of doll hair. There are more rules than I knew. Maybe she will be a doll hairdresser when she grows up.
Those oranges are made out of jello. neat huh?

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elizabeth said...

I know this was a post mainly about Kelly and Paige, and as always they look absolutely beautiful. But I have to say that picture of Laney is my favorite. GORGEOUS. Love them. Miss you guys.