Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday my Monsters.

This little baby monster turned 1! Boy do I love that monster. Actually my oldest and youngest monsters had birthdays this month. So it was quite busy. Also, everyone and their Mother (really and me) was sick this month. So we ended up combining birthday celebrations just so we could fit them all in.
Okay is she not a super cute birthday girl? She didn't get to wear her birthday outfit on her actual birthday, because she was throwing up and I didn't want her to ruin it. Her and Preston were the first ones to get the stomach bug and it was awful. Laney (my baby who loves to sleep) would sleep while she threw up. I went into her room to find her fast asleep and she kept opening her mouth just a little to throw up. (I know gross, but come on how sad and pathetic is that?)

Here is Birthday girl number 2 with her Poppy. She has him trained. Whenever he tries to sit down she does this pathetic little whine and he immediatley jumps up. It also makes him her favorite. Here is my beautiful Birthday Girl #1. She is amazing and beautiful. This year for her birthday we did a makeover day of sorts. I took her and 2 of her friends to the local beauty school where they got their hair and nails done.

Then we went and they each got cupcakes, after that we went to the mall where they did this trampoline bungee jumping type thing, which they loved. And we finished it off where they each got to buy some accessories from Claires and a T-shirt from another store.

It was a good time for them and for me. Kelly looked beautiful. And she had a blast with her friends. Here is Kelly's present from her Grampy. It is beautiful. She is so blessed to have a present like this that she can keep forever.
Both of my Birthday Girls!
Here was Kelly's birthday present from us. She was so excited to have a matching dress to go with her new American girl Doll.
So this isn't the picture I meant to upload, but It shows Kelly's birthday morning. What you are not seeing is that Adam and I were really sick. We had finally gotten the throw-ups as well. I remember taking this picture thinking that we had to get through this for Kelly. I did not want to ruin her birthday with my sickness.

After this picture Nonnie and Poppy came over and told Adam and I to go to bed that they would watch the monsters. So we went to bed and slept till 2pm.

Here is Kelly after her hair and nails. She is such a doll. I love my little 9 year old.
I think she likes it!
She picked the nice classy colors of blue and silver. She had high class written all over her hands.

So Happy birthday to my beautiful girls. I adore you and am excited to see what this upcoming year has for us. Kelly, thank you for making me a mom and Delaney thank you for making me a better mom. I love having you girls in my life. You are my life. I have learned so much from both of you and have seen myself grow over the past 9 years of being a mother. Delaney, when you came into my life I thought I had it all covered as far as being a mom goes. You quickly taught me that I still have a long ways to go. But as long as I have my monsters in my life I am happy to learn anything that you want me to. Kelly, you are growing into a beautiful young lady. You are a kind and loving sister. The other monsters are so blessed to have you in their life.

So thank you monsters and Happy Birthday!!


The Pagets in Florida said...

Birthdays are so exciting. We had a bug on a birthday too... except it was the actual birth date. Sounds like you recovered well.

Zana said...

HaPPY Birthday sweet girls! What girl doesn't love to be pampered?! I'll have to check out a beauty school here for Summer & Tessa (yes, they already want to plan their birthday)
Thanks for finally posting...geesh!

Lynette said...

Your girls are absolutely adorable!!! Happy birthday to them both!!!