Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Circus @ The Circus

So I know you sit at home at night and think. "Wow that Jen has it all. She is drop dead gorgeous, has a hot husband and my goodness could her kids get any cuter" "Could she be any more perfect?"
Well before Friday the answer could have been yes... I wasn't perfect. You see I had never taken my family to the CIRCUS!! But never fear, I saw the error of my ways and I have repented for my sins. We went, we saw, we conquered the Circus.

It was fabulous. The best part was the price of the tickets. I got them for $6.00 each. All of the other shows and times were $30.00 a ticket, but lucky me found the one time that was super cheap.

CHEESE!! Look at this super cute family. Thank heavens for my sister or I wouldn't have been in any of the pictures. The clowns were great. Kind and not overly clowny. Here are the monsters getting ready to ride an elephant. I think I was just as excited as they were. I took about 50 pics of them up on that Elephant.
Paige was excited to sit in the front. Kelly sat in the back and I made sure that Preston sat in front of her, just in case he suddenly decided to jump.
This was as close as I got to getting all 4 to look at me at the same time. Preston didn't cooperate, but at least Ellie the Elephant did.
So I paid more for them to ride this elephant than I did for my tickets. But It was worth it in the end. I mean they got a whole 1.5 minutes on an elephant. Can you get any cooler?
See I really did take like 50 pics of this.
I loved that Laney wasn't scared of the Clown. She just thought that he was the coolest thing. I think he reminds her of her mother...
After the elephants we went for the face painting. Kelly sat like a statue.
Same with Paige she was so excited to look like a tiger.
Now this poor clown deserves a raise. I think he wanted some duct tape for my son. Tommy was all over the place. There was no sitting still for this boy, not at the circus.
Paige was in Heaven. She was a sparkly tiger. She was the first one done, so she got a photo shoot with another clown.
I told them to make their best clown face, so the clown turned them all around... because HE was the best clown face! HAHA (well I thought it was funny)
Here they are with their faces all painted. Quite cute if you ask me. If you are wondering where Preston is, he opted out of the face painting (didn't ask why).
So once the show started this is what they looked like. They oohhed and ahhed. I was in heaven, besides the fact that I was holding a very tired Laney.
Here we are right before it started. I had to get a pic of Mel just for proof that she came with us.
Our seats were great too. Especially for 6 bucks each.
I think that's our Ellie. (No that is not her real name, I just took the liberty of naming her)
And of course our experience ended with a BANG! They shot this poor guy across the arena. Don't worry He was just fine. So that is our Friday. It is always great to do things as a family. I love watching the kids experience these things for the first time. These are the magical moments. The ones that get me through the throw up, potty accidents, fighting, sleepless nights, and just crappy days.
We all need some magical moments occasionally to remind us why we brought these monsters into the world.


Crystal said...

Looks like a cool circus. That's awesome they got to ride an elephant.

elizabeth said...

yes, your family really isn't perfect. The cannon guy kinda looks like Adam.

Hen Jen said...

how very cool, what a great day! We got to all ride an elephant at the county fair, it was a really neat experience, I took lots of photos, too. :)

Amy and the boys said...

I'm pretty sure your kids look totally different than the pics of them that are on your sidebar. :D