Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why not?

So while we were in fabulous Kansas City, we did alot of playing with friends! On Friday we met the Burnesons for lunch outside the crown center, by the fountains. Paige couldn't keep her eyes off of the fountains, she was dying to run through them.
Emily and I finally decided, hey why not?

Here is Ms Emily explaining to Paige, that they have to wait for the water to go down to run across the fountain area.

Here is Paigemonster doing it her way!... as usual

I think I have my hand up trying to tell the water to stay down. You know, one of those "talk to the hand" moments

The boys were so good about following directions they ran in a nice single file line.

Okay, is Kelly not beautiful even running through water? Look at these nice patient children waiting for the water to go down.
Love these monsters
So tiptoeing through the fountains went well. I did not fall and break my leg again. The only fall was Dallin and it just left him a little wet.

So then we sloshed our wet feet and bodies back to our hotel room where Emily used a hairdryer to dry all the monsters off.

Note to Parents out there: Let your children run through the fountain. Water Dries... it really does.


Lynette said...

You're such a fun mom...i love it! And Kelly DOES look pretty running through water! What cute kids!

The Pagets in Florida said...

So, Paige looks a lot like Winnie from the Wonder Years in that picture of her running through the water.

Valsy said...

Love those!

elizabeth said...

Kelly does look like she's modeling.