Monday, March 22, 2010

She Can Be Taught!

So I've been MIA since this baby monster came, and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.
You see my lovely little munchkin is many things
  • She Has a great temperament
  • She sleeps ALL the time
  • Is absolutely beautiful
  • Has great fashion sense
  • Loves to be cuddled

But the one problem she had was that she didn't know how to breastfeed. Yeah, I'm sure some of you are skeptical or rolling your eyes saying "Jen probably hasn't tried..." But I can safely say that we have tried EVERYTHING, I mean everything. There has been many many tears shed, but I can now say that after 7 weeks, my beautiful baby girl has finally caught on. She can be taught!

After she was born, she wouldn't latch. I mean as in no suction no attaching nadda. She started out at 8lbs 6 Oz's, and by day 10 she was down to 7 pounds even. I only know her weight because we ended up back in the hospital while they ran some tests on the little Jaundice monster. While she was admitted I had a lactation specialist come and meet with us.

This sweet lady had no help to offer us, just support. She said don't give up. Well, because she wouldn't attach and try, my milk supply was about gone. I was barely pumping an ounce total and I didn't want to supplement, so I cried. Crying helps everyone.

So to make a 7 week long story shorter here is what we did:

- We met with 3 lactation consultants

-Pumped every 2 hours throughout the night (even though my sweet baby slept like a rock)

-Started taking herbal supplements to help with the milk supply issue.

-Syringe fed the monster, First with my finger to help her with tongue placement

-tried nipple shield to help with the latch (Which was a joke for us. this girl didn't get the latch idea)

-We were told that she had a weak suck and swallow, so we took her to an Occupational Therapist (AND NO I'm not Joking!)

- They started me on a prescription of Reglan to help my milk supply.

-I have had countless friends come and try to help, you name it, I've tried it.

But today I don't care anymore. That's in the past. She finally got it. She really did. She still struggles in the morning when she's tired, but I haven't had to pump in 3 days and I feel like a free women. It still takes her FOREVER to eat, but I'm not in a hurry, I'm just happy she's breastfeeding.

I thought I would quit after week one, I was tempted to quit after week 3. But we made it. I really don't know how we made it.

Actually I do know how I made it. Persistence and love.

I was persistent and my mother loves me so much she came over daily to help me handle it all.

I had to attempt to feed Laney, then pump, then feed Laney... Every 2 hours. I don't know how I would have remained sane if it weren't for my mother. She helped with Preston chasing, diaper changing, Laney feeding, Tommy taxi driving, and constant Cheerleader. She understood how important this was to me and because of that she dropped her whole life to support me in mine.

A mother's love is amazing. And the funny part is, the whole time that she was dedicating her life to me, she would tell ME how proud she was of my determination. Crazy I know. My mother drops the world for me, then says that she's proud of me?? They don't make many women like her.

So at 2 in the morning when I would get up just to pump, the only thing that kept me going was Galaxy Quest.


(yeah I know you were probably thinking it was some uplifting scripture)


Berrett's said...

she is CUTE!! I can see Tommy in her in that last pic. I wish i lived closer and could hold her...I hope you are doing well...good job sticking it out with the nursing... i believe you tried have nursed 4 kids. :)


KC Mom said...

Wow! I'm so proud of you for sticking to it...that is not easy!! She is such a doll.

Heidi said...

I must say that we are Galaxy Quest fans. Not many people have seen that movie... weird. It's so inspirational!

aLi said...

Jen! I have empathy!!! Conrad wouldn't nurse either! He started at 7 lbs 12 oz and lost 14.5% body weight in his first week and a half. He was peeing rust. It was awful. I cried. Everyone said, "Don't worry, you'll figure it out." I secretly would swear at them.
BUT I don't know how you did it for 7 WEEKS? I was ready to give up, then he figured it out at 2 weeks old. Thank Heavens. I'm glad your mom could be there to help, what a lifesaver!!
(Oh, and milk saver, too. :))

Amy R said...

Holy cow, you are a good mother. I guess you learned from the best. I would have given up after a week, I'm sure. But good for you. Think of all the money you'll save because you didn't give up! (but just for the record, I would have supported you had you given up).

MAK said...

I'm doing a dance of joy! (Galixy Quest prity funny. Snape as an aliane to funny!)