Monday, March 22, 2010

Room Service?

When I first told the monsters that we were going to be staying in a hotel, Paigemonster got really excited and said "DO WE GET ROOM SERVICE?!?!" (Apparently she has watched the movie Eloise too many times)

I told her no way jose!

But she won. yep she sure did. We found that the hyatt had a kids menu, so one morning we decided to get that girl some room service!

They loved the little table and immediatley put on their napkins. Kelly hates jelly, but as soon as she saw the mini containers she made herself a strawberry toast sandwich.

Room service was a success. I loved watching the kids get a kick out of these little things. (But NO they can't have it again)

I was really tempted to put Laney on the table as the meal, but decided that my mother might hurt me.


Nonnie said...

Yes, yes I would have !!

Amy R said...

It's so fun to be able to give kids a treat like that every now & then.

MAK said...

Ha Ha that's to funny! I love fun little things like this that totaly make the day of little ones. To bad I'm a cheep skate and would never do it!

elizabeth said...

That is hilarious that Paige knows what room service is. I miss her funny comments.