Sunday, February 7, 2010

Not Every Day

It's not everyday that you get to watch your oldest daughter get baptized and your youngest daughter get blessed.
I know that post pregnant Jen should have been over emotional and weepy during this afternoon of beautifulness, but I wasn't. I was just Happy. Not a weepy mess, not a blubbering disaster, I just sat there and soaked up the happiness of my eternal family.
It was one of those moments where you look all around at what's going on, and think "I must have done something right". I have 5 beautiful children who I think are amazing and I am married to a great piece of eye candy (and he's kind too, but you all know I married him for his eternal hotness).
We were visited by some of our favorite people in the world, and for those who didn't make the drive from Iowa, Kansas City, South County, Ballwin or from West Virginia (no one drove from WV, I did ask one friend too, but she said no)
Here are a couple of pictures from yesterday, Kelly spent the rest of the day saying " I haven't made any bad choices yet, so I'm still doing good"
And Delaney spent the whole day and night sleeping, cause that's all she does. And we do love her for it.
Before my beauty was baptized, although I just realized I didn't take an after picture with her in her other dress. I totally stuffed myself into clothes for the baptism. You probably weren't expecting that to be the caption on this picture, but it's the truth.

Here is our first family picture, now this picture does make me a little emotional and weepy.


elizabeth said...

As I was looking at your pictures I was just thinking, "Wow. Jenn looks really good." And then you go and leave a caption like that. Even if you were stuffing yourself into your clothes, you look terrific.

I'm sorry I didn't drive the 8 hours from WV to be there. It's not advisable to travel when you're nearly nine months pregnant. Otherwise, you know I would have been there.

I'm so happy for you and your family. Love the last picture. So sweet.

RitterB's said...

Shoot! Now I feel like I have really missed out on an awesome awe inspiring afternoon. I'm glad you did it all anyway despite the RitterB's absence. You know as well as I... You don't wait on others when it comes to eternal matters!
In all seriousness... You have a beautiful family! I am happy for you two awesome parents! I dare say you DID do something right! And have been blessed for it!
Love you my dear friend!

Crystal and Billy said...

Congratulations, Jen! Your family is complete! (At least, you think it never know!)

Mary, Brandon, & Madelyn said...

Oh, Jenny! That picture makes me weepy. I'm so happy for you! That's awesome!

Laura F said...

I'm SO SAD I MISSED THIS! Well, I'm not sure we were invited, but I'm embarrassed we're practically across from the church and I didn't think to crash the party! Kelly looked beautiful today at church in her dress and you look fantastic in your pictures! I miss you tons and tons and fully expect a decent chewing out when I DO get over to see you. But it will be worth it if you forgive me in the end. Your family's beautiful and I'm glad the day went so well.

aLi said...

Wow, now that is really special. :) We miss you, Jenn!

kate said...

What an amazing day. Little Delaney is the most beautiful thing, but what do expect from a Wehrmeister baby! Hope you are doing well and we are so excited for you!

Emily said...

Look at that beautiful family portrait! I must know who is your photographer.

It was so great to see you all. We sure do miss you guys!

Laura, Jenn may forgive you for not being there - but I won't.

Laura F said...

Darn it!!! Now I AM in trouble.

Amy R said...

Congratulations to Kelly!! I can't believe she's so OLD!

The Bailly Buzz said...

Hey Jenn.
Not sure why I never checked out your blog before, but your family is so adorable! I can't believe you have 5 kids. Crazy!