Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Does she even stand a chance?

Laney is loved... very loved. Probably more loved than any other monster that has ever existed. I just think she would be happy if some of this "love" didn't come from her adoring brothers.

The girls love her, but in a very normal "oh she's our cute little sister" way. The boys on the other hand... are boys. Tommy thinks she's "soft", so he insists on pushing on her nose every time he walks past her. If it isn't her nose, than it is her toe, or he just likes to rub his head against hers. (Yeah, I know he's strange. But he loves her)

Adam: Why do you always touch her?

Tommy: Because I love her and she's beautiful? (Then he grabs and shakes her foot)

Preston on the other hand either wants to be her best friend or doesn't remember that she exists. When he holds her, he just smiles and stares and hugs. He really adores her, but luckily he doesn't try to touch her all the time like Tommy.

Can I just say that I love this craziness. I love the way the kids step up to the plate in helping, and the way they look at their baby sister. I love that they want to help and that they think she is about the most precious thing ever. They look at her, like I look at her.

Trust me, I know this phase won't last long for them, but I'm going TO EMBRACE IT WHILE I CAN.

I like the delusional world I live in.


The Pagets in Florida said...

You think that you would be used to this whole sibling endangerment thing. I wonder if our third will make it to 2 with all the "love" he gets from his brothers.

Anonymous said...

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MAK said...

Your not delusional, you just see things the way the whole world should see them!