Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Baby Girl Monster

Dear Baby Girl Monster,
Please stop growing. 1.5 ounces a day is just too much... We love you little. (Don't worry we will love you big too) It's so fun to watch all of your monster siblings squeeze you. Our new house rule is:


You are soft and squishy and cuddly, just the way we like little ones like you.

So stop getting bigger.

I love that you sleep all the time... sooo not like Preston.

I love that your fingers are almost as long as mine (not really, but kinda)

I love that you sound like your purring when you sleep, and I love watching you sleep.

I love watching you be loved by everyone. If we had a popularity contest in our house right now, you would win by a landslide.

Sometimes I think that they love you more. But then I remember that no one can ever love you as much as me.

DadMonster and I really made a masterpiece. You are quite splendid and we adore you.

Laney last night. She's the perfect little Wehrmeister.
Look at this face. And she is already getting cheeks.

Jeannette Mahaffey took this picture for Kelly's baptism. It's already a favorite. It will be shown at their weddings and their graduations and to all of their boyfriends. It will be hung on my wall, in my scrapbook and made into flyers that I can post in the neighborhood.

Well I'm glad that you 2 are getting some sleep.


RitterB's said...

yup... that post made me happy.

Gram said...

It's great to be loved! They are all so precious!!

mtritterbusch said...

She certainly is a cutey! Congratulations on the latest little monster!

Laci & Daniel said...

Ah.. Congrats again!! She is such a little baby doll!!! Loved the pics!!

aLi said...

Oh how wonderful. I'm glad she sleeps. Sincerely. Cute little baby. Absolutely adorable!

Aim said...

I saw those cute pictures on facebook of Kelly Anne, what a beauty! And the one of her and little sister...priceless! They do grow too fast don't they? Its so sad sometimes!

Lyndsay said...

Oh my goodness!! She is SO cute!! Love it!!

elizabeth said...

LOVE the picture of Kelly and Delaney.

Zana said...

uh door uh bull

yes, that reads adorable.

Amy R said...

What a precious little monster. I almost think she might not be a monster at all.

Nonnie said...

Look how our Laney is growing !!!Laney in Kelly's arms...just a little bit of heaven !!!

Berrett's said...

oh my gosh JEN she is SOOOO cute!! I love the one of Kelly holding her...too cute. And the one of her asleep with Adam...with her little mouth open...too cute! So I tried to call you a few times...do you not have an answering machine??? Alright well one of these days i will get a hold of you. HOpe you guys are doing well!!!! love ya