Friday, May 30, 2008

My Date With Elder Holland

Okay so it's not really a date, and I'm sure I won't be sitting at his table, BUT we will be having dinner with him so it ALMOST counts as a dinner date. I have to say I am pretty excited.

I should probably explain. Adam is the Stake Clerk. So between the Stake Priesthood Session and the Stake Adult session, the Stake Relief Society feeds the Stake Presidency (and they include the Stake Clerk and the Stake Exec. Sec.)

Sooo since Elder Holland is going to be speaking at each session he will be joining us for dinner. So hopefully I don't sweat too much, or say something stupid, and hopefully Preston stays happy. Oh my so many things to think about.

I've thought of some really funny conversation starters, but I have since decided that they would really embarrass my mother, or they might get me ex-communicated so I should stick to keeping my mouth SHUT and smiling pretty.

So Wish me luck Hopefully I don't pee my pants! (Since by now you all know that that could be a possibility).

OH and if anyone has any GOOD things to mention or talk about let me know.


Sam Ransom said...

What an AWESOME opportunity! I have no good ideas for what to say. I would stick with the smile and look pretty idea!

The Pagets in Florida said...

Does this mean a new Stake Presidency? It is rare (though it happened to us) to have an Apostle visit and not have a new stake presidency. Watch out. From what I can tell, being a stake president's wife is almost as bad as being a dental student's wife. You never will see him. (I have to go to those meals too. I just smile and keep food in my mouth. It is rude to speak with your mouth full.)

Kate & Nate said...


The Wehrmeister's said...

Don't be a Hater Kate.

Aby Runyan said...

seeing as we seem to be connected at the hip lately I think it's fate that I discovered your blog today.
Give Holland a big ole smooch for me! No wait, that might lead to some pants peeing. Better hold off on that.
luvs, aby

PS - our blog is if you want to check it out.

Holly said...

Maybe you could talk about your weird, unnatural affection for New Kids on the Block.

Nonnie said...

Talk about your saintly angel haired mother,a very safe subject !!