Sunday, May 11, 2008

I am not a sewer

But I play one on TV. Well not really that either. I get out my sewing machine to rig purses or Rooster Hats or Blankets. I wouldn't call myself a sewer, probably just a rigger. Here is my latest "Sewing Project"


I'm glad that you can't see it any better, because if you could look closely you would see that I messed up in one of the corners. It's hard to explain, especially when you aren't a sewer. After I made the blanket and matching burp cloth, I wrote a little poem to give her to apologize for my crappy sewsmanship (I made that word up all by myself).

The stitches are not perfect, and the squares are not precise. The fabric puckers at the corners and it looks “almost right”

But in no time at all, those mistakes will fade away. Because it will hold “perfection”, In this blanket she will lay.

Also I should have this in as a disclaimer. If you are pregnant DO NOT expect me to make you a blanket or an anything for that matter. Ali, got super duper lucky... so to all of my many friends that are "with child" so sad, too bad.

P. S. I recently bought 10 patterns, because that's what sewers do right? They buy patterns.


Karen said...


you are right, you are not a sewer, as in where dirty water goes, you are, however, a person who sews. I think the blanket looks beautiful. Babies don't care if their blamkets are perfect. They just soak up the love put into them. :)

I think the word for a person who sews is a seamstress. Which you are!!!


Eran and Aubre said...
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Eran and Aubre said...

Jen, I can't be your friend anymore since your not going to make me a blanket!! LOL, i'm just kidding. I have blankets up the wazoo. =O) But I do expect a cool little bag or something! lol. j/k. I love the poem that you wrote along with the blanket......and heck, you did a way better job on it then I ever could!! You had such a cute dress on today, btw! P.S. I'm about to post some pictures on my blog of the girls blowing dandelions. I got that inspiration from you, and yes, i'm copying you if thats ok. Despite that, I still think that YOUR picture of your Pagey blowing the dandelion turned out way cuter than mine did....seriously!

The Loveridge Family said...

I love it....good job!! I love that fabric, it's soo soft! You ARE a sewer are!!!

The Pagets in Florida said...

I totally thought that you made a sleeve on that blanket. I am glad it is for puke, not just a one armed baby.

aLi said...

I'm 9 1/2 months pregnant and I'm doing the happy dance, Jen! (what is that, anyway?)
Thanks so much for the blanket, I think I'm the luckiest person in the world because my Favorite person made me the softest, most heart-felt blanket ever. And I also feel famous now because my name is on your blog!
Hey, I agree with Karen. You are not a sewer. That is just gross. hee hee. Actually, I was going to say that I agree with her on the part that babies don't care if their blankets are perfect! They just care about soaking up the love put into them. :) Aw, how special.

P.s. about your tag you put with my blanket: don't say she's perfection just quite yet. She might come out a terror! But, I appreciate the thought!

p.p.s. perhaps I should've just posted my comment on my blog instead of take up all this space on yours.

Aim said...

I am not a sewer either, I have no patience for it at all. I can do it, it just takes me forever. My mom is awesome at it though. Maybe someday I will get it together and learn how!

emily and adrian said...

Yeah, you're good. I'd like to go ahead and order one in black and blue...with maybe hints of green and blue...oh and orange...and make it a softy. You have a website right?

Jennifer said...

El Guapo is coming!

KC Kanenwishers said...

What a beautiful blanket! I'm pretty sure you are a sewer...not to be confused with sewer.

aLi said...

Hey, Jen: I know you're gone to Branson already so I can't come and tell you outside, but your blanket will be the first blanket she is brought home from the hospital in! Er, um,... it's the blanket we've packed to bring her home in!!! Thanks so much for it!

Meg said...

What about "family with child"? I've decided on green for his room, sag harbor to be exact, kind of a mellow moss; and accent colors of rustic red and brocade blue. I'm still waiting for my purse too.