Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So the day could have gone better

So I really didn't think the day would be this bad:

The day was going fine until suddenly our pretty sun disappeared and a huge fast quick storm descended upon my house. (Imagine Winnie the Pooh singing "I'm just a little black rain cloud").

So yes, it starts pouring down rain and then the winds come and then the thunder and lightning. THEN the electricity goes out.

I go outside to see if I can see any down lines or what's going on. Well I walk in the back and something bites or stings me. My arm felt like someone just shocked it, the pain was awful. I try to shake it off, but by the time I get back to the house my arm starts swelling and is breaking out all around the area of attack.

I continue to try to shake it off, because I suddenly realize that it sounds like it's RAINING in my kitchen... hmmm. not a good sound to hear.

The kids are fighting over the 2 flashlights that we have, apparently they didn't think it was fair that I took the big one when I came inside.

I go into the kitchen and sure enough it's raining from one of the lights in the kitchen, (Don't worry since the electricity was out there was no electrical explosions.

Well a girl's gott know when to call it quits, so I call my dad he comes over, takes a look at my arm and says we have to go because it doesn't look good. Well, just as we were pulling out of the neighborhood MY ADAM shows up! HOORAY! It seems the electricity went out at his work (what a great first day.) Apparently he was in the middle of a root canal when the electricity went out.

So actually the whole day wasn't a complete disaster, it was just that everything went horrid for about 30 minutes.

Don't worry though everything worked out

  • Our electicity just came back on!
  • Adam's electicity is still out, so hopefully it will be back in the morning.
  • The roof is fine, it was through a vent that we need to put flashing on
  • Benedryl and Ibprofen helped with the swelling and pain

Let's hope for Sun tomorrow folks.


Kim said...

I've always had a fear that I'd be in the middle of getting a cavity filled or having a root canal done and the electricity goes out or we have an earthquake. So, I feel kind of bad for the person he was working on:). Ok, but I feel even worse for you. The whole experience sounds stressful. Maybe I should be more grateful that I don't have a house yet. . .And that I live in sunny California. . .

Kara said...

Whoa - that's not a good way to start a new life here in St. Louis. I don't think the weather is going to be great today either but today will be a better day - right?

The Loveridge Family said...

That's a pretty bad day! I kept waiting for you to say "just kidding, everything went fine"...but, you survived!!!!

Crystal said...

Poor root canal patient! Ugh. I hope today goes better for you all.

Heidi said...

That storm was CRAZY! I was driving home when all "hail" broke lose. We actually had to pull over until it passed. Nice summer day!

Amy R said...

I have to apologize. I wanted the rain. Wished, hoped, prayed it would rain. So I wouldn't have to use my sprinklers. I didn't know your power would go out as a result. And all that other stuff.

Nonnie said...

Hey, you forgot the fun sleep-over at cool Poppy and Nonnie's house :)

elizabeth said...

Oh dear. I won't tell Dave how many hours Adam worked on his first day. I'm glad your arm is better.

Rebecca said...

So are you moved up here now?! Yikes for your whole painful/bummer day. Double yikes for the person in the middle of the root canal!!

Denae said...

HI Ms.JenJen. Welcome home! So I'm cruising the web & I came across this... the girl at the bottom of this page looks just like you!!!