Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's already been 2 minutes.

Dear Adam,
I hope you have a fabulous day at work. I miss you already. It's nice knowing you are right down the street, but I'd prefer if you were right down the hallway.

I've really enjoyed our 3 week "vacation" together. I'm sure you are just happy to be out of our "work in progress" for a few hours each day. I really do appreciate all the work you've done on our house.

Actually I appreciate all the work you've done for the past 29 years. Thank you for not being a wimp, thank you for being a hard worker.

Oh and thank you for being HOT! I could just thank you for being a nice guy, but I think most people can be nice. It takes a special man to be a Hot Tamale!

So after this post, I will have to go and parent my children by myself. I'm going to miss saying "Go ask your Dad", or "Dad, loves changing your diaper" or "Dad would love to take you to to the swimming pool"

So I'm sure I have taken advantage of your time home with me, but it's because I knew this day was coming. The day you would have to go work in the real world. You can't go to school forever... (well I'm sure you could, but I'm not recommending it for you)

Well, I love you baby. Have a fabulous day sitting there... thinking about me... and know that I'm missing you and your help and your hotness!

Love Jerkface.

Doc and Lucy gave the monsters these scrubs. They love them! One side says their name and the other side says, "My dad's a dentist."
I'm just excited that the other side doesn't say "My dad's still a student!" Ahhh... I can't believe he's finally finished.
Adam and his friends. We will miss them (I will miss their wives. ) It's been nice having such a great support system of friends to lean on through this. Everyone goes through it together, and they were all there to help each other.
The first picture is of Adam and Kelly at his dental graduation. The one below it is Adam and Kelly at his BYU Graduation.

Aren't we a sorry sight.


The Loveridge Family said...

What an awesome accomplishment for both of you! I'm so happy for you and all your new adventures! Good luck having your hubby back to work, I love it when my hubby is home too!

Amy R said...

Yay for a real job, boo for a job you have to be at every day. You could hold out for the one that makes showing up optional, but... the one you've got is probably pretty good.

KC Mom said...

You are such a sweetie...your husband is lucky to have you. :)

Gram said...

You are all beautiful! Love the two pictures of Kelly and Adam - helps to see how much time has really passed! And I second the fact that Adam is a hard worker - he sets a goal and nothing, really nothing, stops him!! Way to go, Son! Love you all!!

elizabeth said...

Congrats to Adam and family. I like the picture of Adam and Kelly, and then Adam and Kelly grown up.

Brandi Hastings said...

Congrat's guys on everything... the graduation, new job and moving! Yeah! A lot of great changes. We'll miss you! Keep in touch. I love the kids' scrubs. Totally adorable!