Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Still Doing

The House is coming along. Adam has a "to-do" list with about 75 items on it. I have ONE. But still I would trade with him in a heartbeat. What is my one, you ask?


Obviously this is just another test of my patience. One that I am failing... as usual. I have learned several things this week.

1. I need therapy

2. I need Anger Management classes

3. I need more percocet

4. I need A LOT of therapy

Actually, I am controlling my anger. I'm just in denial about how STUPID wall paper is. My one little job STINKS. I HATE IT. Wall paper? Who even invented wall paper.

Wall paper is like a life size scrap book. Who would ever think, "Hmmmm maybe I should take a whole lot of paper and GLUE IT TO MY WALL!" Are people crazy?

I know some of you are sitting there thinking... "She can't be talking to me, my wall paper is cute".

Well guess what IT ISN'T. NO WALL PAPER IS CUTE. And the people that tell you that it is, are just trying to be super nice to you so that one day when you realize that you want it down, you WON'T call them.

On a positive note, I finished ONE wall today. Yes you read that write ONE WALL (and it was only a half wall)

Oh and before you leave your "sweet" little comments saying: "Have you tried...." or "It comes down easily with ..." DON'T

Just know that I have tried many things... including drinking (joking of course)

Actually though if you do want to VOLUNTEER TO COME AND HELP ME I will not turn you down. In fact you might see tears of joy from me. So If you are in the area PLEASE HEAR MY CRY FOR HELP!!



The Pagets in Florida said...

Do you remember our room in the house in St. Louis with comics all over the walls? It had been strawberries on white wall paper. Not too exciting. Comics made it much better. I agree. I will just paint walls from now on.

Crystal said...

Well, you know, you make it sound like so much fun. :)

Heidi said...

You have to rent a steamer. It will come off in sheets, I promise! I have no idea how much it will cost, but it is SO worth it.

This Is Our Heaven.... said...

I worked for a restoration company back in the day......and the steamer is the way to go. you can come mud and sand our basement if you want to trade jobs. :)

Amy R said...

1. You already needed therapy prior to wallpaper removal.
2. I'm glad I'm not you.
3. Mess up the job so badly that Adam takes over & does it for you.

Lisa said...

I feel for you. Our house here had a bunch of wallpaper and you are right- it sucks. It is not cute and takes FOREVER to get off! Good luck!

aLi said...

I want to see this wallpaper! And you needing therapy in your angst of trying to remove it! :D Good luck!

Valsy said...

Absolutely wall paper sucks. I have peeled paper for Tom Allison for weeks and I thought the end of my fingers would fall off.

Aby Runyan said...

Our house came equipped with only two rooms with wallpaper, and one of those was just a border. That border stayed up for a good year before I got around to taking it down. And the other room? Well I can't really even call it a room, it's the downstairs entryway that we only go through to get to the garage. Needless to say, IT has NEVER been touched. Maybe I'll just leave it forever. I mean, there isn't even a light in there - who's to know?!
I am a genius and DID put up two wallpaper borders myself. Oh and they ARE cute. Got it??
luvs, aby

elizabeth said...

Just so you know, wallpaper is making a comeback. Yours probably isn't because its 30 years old, but others can be cute and are in style. I'm sure that's what you wanted to hear.

emily and adrian said...

We've got it in our new place. I am going to paint over it, I don't even care.

House projects like this make me hopeful that they will legalize medical mary jane.

MJ/Mom/GrammaJ said...

Removing wall paper is bar none, one of life's worse experiences. Baloney about steamers and all kinds of stuff. I have found that a plastic scraper vs. a metal one makes fewer gouges that have to be repaired. There are also people you can pay to do it (I know they may be out of reach for students) and in the past I have considered dynomite! You can dry wall over it - might be easier. Good luck!

Sam Ransom said...

Umm I have no suggestions and no experience! But I'd come help for a day or something if you want! :)

Rebecca said...


Stuart said you called. Sorry, I don't have your #. FYI, you are on the waiting list but there is only one slot coming open in the fall and 4-5 kids ahead of Tommy.

Kara said...

No advice - I will help

Crystal said...

When are you coming back?

Hokie said...

I found your blog and couldn't help commenting. I totally agree with you 100% on wallpaper. I can honestly say the best way to remove it is remove the wall.

I did this once, it totally worked and it was so much fun! It took a little less than an hour to remove the wall and a little more than an hour to clean up the drywall. Two hours to remove it was totally worth it...if you have someone who can re-drywallthat is.

Aby Runyan said...

You had me laughing so hard last night I was crying. CRYING!
It was the:


that set me off.

I'm just glad I have a strong bladder.
luvs, aby

Kelli said...

I paid a guy to come over and take the wallpaper off. It was worth every cent.