Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's a Jungle out There!

Superstar! So I have spent the last 3 weeks being the nice humble mother that has been quietly excited for her daughter's first play ever.
Background: When Kelly did dance, we would have to push her onto the stage.

So when she came home to tell me that she got one of the leads in her 1st grade play, my first reaction was fear. I was wondering if she knew what she was getting herself into. Then she showed me all her lines and told me that the performance was in less than a month (was not excited about that part).

So last night was her Grand Performance. She was beautiful and more talented then I ever expected. I couldn't stop smiling and at the end I tried my best to hold back my excitement. When the mother's would come up and tell me that she did well, I just smiled and said "Thank You"

On the inside I wanted to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS!!

So, if you are wondering why I am putting my friends through reading this entry that is OBVIOUSLY just an "Ode to Kelly" it is only for one reason. I plan on printing this out and saving it. Someday I want Kelly to read through this and when she get's to this post she will know how proud I was of her. How I sat there glowing. How when she spotted me in the crowd and wiggled her nose at me... I giggled. I loved it.

She will know that when we were practicing over and over, I kept worrying that it would be a Dance Recital all over again. As we were practicing, I was having total Flashbacks of a unconsolable little girl who would not let me leave the dressing room. She has grown so much. There was not an ounce of "stage fright" in that little girl.

Hopefully she will always know that I am proud of her, but there are some nights that stick out in my mind more. This would be one of them. So without further ado Here is Kelly, starring as Stripes the Zebra on a quest for the Key to Happiness.

Oh and Gram we missed you. We are ordering a video so that you can eat some popcorn and enjoy a private viewing of your Superstar Grandaughter.

King Leo isn't happy, he sends Stripes and Spots on a search for the key to happiness.

After meeting the Cheetahs, Monkeys, and Hyenas they have finally found the key to happiness. It is "stopping to smell the roses"

The most FAN-TABULOUS Teacher ever. He really knows each of his students. He was just as proud of her as I was.

TA-DA!! Not scared at all. even a little bit.


The Divine Miss A said...

How adorable and amazing! My nieces and nephews are just the best kids ever.

Miss you. Hope to see you soon.

Crystal said...

Way to go, Kelly!

Jennifer said...

Somehow it's hard for me to imagine that any offspring of yours would have stagefright!

Kara said...

Amazing - she looks darling and not scared one little bit in the pictures.

Gram said...

Wow - I am so proud of you, Kelly. I had the same fears your mom did. I knew you would learn your part really well. I just wasn't sure if you would be shy when it came to having to perform - yeah for you!!! I can't wait to see the video. Thanks so much for getting me a copy. Love you all. Can't wait to see you. Can you bring your costume or does it belong to the school? You looked darling in it! OF COURSE!!! Hugs and kisses, Gram

Holly said...

Congrats to Miss Kelly!

Amy R said...

Yay, Kelly!

The Pagets in Florida said...

Did they let her keep the costume?

elizabeth said...

Are you telling me that Kelly got one of the three main roles?? I believe it! Way to go Kelly!