Monday, February 16, 2009

Too Many

I'm rebelling. I think there are too many blog posts about Valentine's Day. Not that I don't love being loved, but I've read enough mushy gushy stuff about everyone's spouses to make me gag for a whole year. So yes, tonight I am rebelling. Instead of a post on Valentines I am going to write about... Firetrucks.

Yesterday I pointed to a letter and asked Tommy which letter it was. His response "Firetruck".

Yep, I've got a real Einstein on my hands. I'm starting to get concerned.


Kara said...

I soooooo agree. V - Day not my favorite. - and when my two year old says firetruck it doesn't quite sound like firetruck - having a hard time with the tr sound.

Amy R said...

Yeah, I hate the holiday myself.

Rebecca said...

Well if the letter you pointed to was an f, then he's doing fabulous!

The Divine Miss A said...

Hey! My favorite letter is firetruck. That and ficus.