Friday, October 12, 2007

Practically Perfect in every way

Today we finally got to meet our precious new baby. He arrived at 8:58 am on Friday, October 12th. We were hoping that he would weigh at least 9 lbs, but he only made it to 8lbs 12 oz and19 inches long. (We'll keep him anyway) . Preston came out kind of crooked. I didn't know that when you had a c-section, the baby could get stuck. But Preston did. If anyone wants to see pictures of my stomach cut open with half a baby stuck, let me know and I'll send it to you. I just really don't want to post it here (even though it was one of my finer moments). The Dr. thought he might have hurt Preston's hips, but he was wrong.
Preston Joseph "brand spankin new"
I laugh at this picture, because to me it looks like he is trying to cover his ears, which doesn't make much sense, because Preston was the one that wouldn't stop crying after he came out.
Mom, Dad and baby Preston It's probably one of my better pictures

We think he is quite cute!

Mom and Preston (I think I should be yawning too!)

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Tina said...

ahhh he's freakin cute! He's soo little. Ok I like this a lot better than logging into your picutre website. :) ha ha. Now i can just click and check back on this now and again! Well congrats on the little one. I hope you are doing well!! He is a little cutie patootie!!!!!
love ya!