Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Is he getting any bigger?

So paranoid Jen (that's me), sits and stares at Preston everyday to see if he looks any bigger. I wasn't sure at first, but he finally is starting to look like he is growing. What do you think?

Okay here he is still in the hospital. Not my favorite pic, but it'll do.

This pic had to be when he was about a week old. He doesn't look any bigger yet. But then again maybe I was looking for drastic changes. (he's only a week and I've already set super high expectations... my poor children)

A week and a half here. Not much bigger (if any) but he is looking more alert.

Here is 2 weeks. It looks like he shrunk to me, but that's with my crazy mom eyes on. (Did you know I even took him outside to ask my friends if he looked any bigger.)

This picture was from yesterday (2.5 weeks), and he is finally starting to look bigger to me. See I know I'm crazy, but at least I admit it.

Okay we can stop operation "Is he growing"

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Berrett's said...

I can totally see Kelly in him. He is sooo cute did good. (adam too ha ha) You have yourself 4 cute little "monsters". Love ya, Tina