Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

 Here are all of the monsters and the neighbor monsters! Kelly is a sailor girl, but her hat fell off. I'm just impressed that they are all looking. I should get a star on my forehead for achieving this miracle.

 So Paige reaalllly wanted to be a vampire. But mean mom (that would be me) told her NO. She expressed her sadness to her good friend Brandon and his mom about her Halloween dilemna. His mom called me the Halloween grinch and before I knew it Brandon was at the door with an early birthday present for Paige...  yep you guessed it. It was a vampire costume. So it is only fitting that we took their adorable picture together. (Just don't tell them that we plan on showing this picture at their wedding in 15 year years).

 Here is our annual picture in front of the tree. I love the little cheesy face that Our froggy is making.

Little Known Fact: That Dragon and Froggy costume has been through all of the kids. The Dragon started out as a present to Kelly from a friend (oddly enough because she wanted it and I wouldn't get it for her. Huh? I'm seeing a trend here). And all of the kids on down have worn it.

What a good sport Poppy was. It wasn't easy following Ms. Laney around. She thinks she is one of the big kids.

And off they go! One house down only 4500 more to go. Actually they made it about an hour and then they all broke down. Kelly wanted to go hand out candy, Paige wanted to go home. Tommy said his feet were no longer working. Preston stopped accepting candy from houses.

 In fact one women tried to put candy in his bag and Preston stopped her and said, "No I am done trick-or-treating".

So we went home. I survived another Halloween.

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The Pagets in Florida said...

These kind of posts make me feel old. They also make me feel better that I am not the only one with kids growing up. Hurray for unbridled giving of candy.